Volume 172 Issue 3 – November 2010

Curves and symmetric spaces, II

Pages 1539-1558 by Shigeru Mukai

The density of discriminants of quintic rings and fields

Pages 1559-1591 by Manjul Bhargava

A finiteness theorem for zero-cycles over $p$-adic fields (with an appendix by Uwe Jannsen: Resolution of singularities for embedded curves)

Pages 1593-1639 by Shuji Saito, Kanetomo Sato, Uwe Jannsen

Birth of homoclinic intersections: a model for the central dynamics of partially hyperbolic systems

Pages 1641-1677 by Sylvain Crovisier

Subconvexity bounds for triple $L$-functions and representation theory

Pages 1679-1718 by Joseph Bernstein, Andre Reznikov

Boundedness of families of canonically polarized manifolds: A higher dimensional analogue of Shafarevich’s conjecture (PLEASE NOTE: The version of record for this article is published as an Erratum in Volume 173, no. 1, pp. 585–617.)

Pages 1719-1748 by Sándor J. Kovács , Max Lieblich

Instantons and curves on class VII surfaces

Pages 1749-1804 by Andrei Teleman

Local rigidity of partially hyperbolic actions I. KAM method and ${\mathbb Z^k}$ actions on the torus

Pages 1805-1858 by Danijela Damjanović , Anatole Katok

Einstein solvmanifolds are standard

Pages 1859-1877 by Jorge Lauret

Construction of harmonic diffeomorphisms and minimal graphs

Pages 1879-1906 by Pascal Collin, Harold Rosenberg

Boundary behavior and the Martin boundary problem for $p$ harmonic functions in Lipschitz domains

Pages 1907-1948 by John Lewis, Kaj Nyström

The distribution of free path lengths in the periodic Lorentz gas and related lattice point problems

Pages 1949-2033 by Jens Marklof, Andreas Strömbergsson

On the negative Pell equation

Pages 2035-2104 by Étienne Fouvry, Jürgen Klüners

Extending isotopies of planar continua

Pages 2105-2133 by Lex G. Oversteegen, Edward D. Tymchatyn

Heegner divisors, $L$-functions and harmonic weak Maass forms

Pages 2135-2181 by Jan Bruinier, Ken Ono

Henselian implies large

Pages 2183-2195 by Florian Pop

Counting arithmetic lattices and surfaces

Pages 2197-2221 by Mikhail Belolipetsky, Tsachik Gelander, Alexander Lubotzky, Aner Shalev

The spectral edge of some random band matrices

Pages 2223-2251 by Sasha Sodin