Volume 169 Issue 2 – March 2009

An embedded genus-one helicoid

Pages 347-448 by Matthias Weber, David Hoffman, Michael Wolf

Nontangential limits in $\mathcal{P}^t(\mu)$-spaces and the index of invariant subgroups

Pages 449-490 by Alexandru Aleman, Stefan Richter, Carl Sundberg

The geometry of fronts

Pages 491-529 by Kentaro Saji, Masaaki Umehara, Kotaro Yamada

Curvature of vector bundles associated to holomorphic fibrations

Pages 531-560 by Bo Berndtsson

The Quasi-Additivity Law in conformal geometry

Pages 561-593 by Jeremy Kahn, Mikhail Lyubich

Inverse Littlewood–Offord theorems and the condition number of random discrete matrices

Pages 595-632 by Terence Tao, Van H. Vu

A combinatorial description of knot Floer homology

Pages 633-660 by Ciprian Manolescu, Peter Ozsváth, Sucharit Sarkar

The concept of duality in convex analysis, and the characterization of the Legendre transform

Pages 661-674 by Shiri Artstein-Avidan, Vitali Milman