Volume 165 Issue 2 – March 2007

On the $K^2$ of degenerations of surfaces and the multiple point formula

Pages 335-395 by Alberto Calabri, Ciro Ciliberto, Flaminio Flamini, Rick Miranda

Dynamics of $\mathrm{SL}_2(\mathbb{R})$ over moduli space in genus two

Pages 397-456 by Curtis T. McMullen

Monopoles and lens space surgeries

Pages 457-546 by Peter Kronheimer, Tomasz Mrowka, Peter Ozsváth, Zoltán Szabó

On the complexity of algebraic numbers I. Expansions in integer bases

Pages 547-565 by Boris Adamczewski, Yann Bugeaud

The Calderón problem with partial data

Pages 567-591 by Carlos E. Kenig, Johannes Sjöstrand, Gunther Uhlmann

An uncertainty principle for arithmetic sequences

Pages 593-635 by Andrew Granville, Kannan Soundararajan

Weak mixing for interval exchange transformations and translation flows

Pages 637-664 by Artur Ávila, Giovanni Forni

Corrigendum to “Self-dual instantons and holomorphic curves”

Pages 665-673 by Stamatis Dostoglou, Dietmar A. Salamon