Volume 163 Issue 3 – May 2006

The L-class of non-Witt spaces

Pages 743-766 by Markus Banagl

Divisibility of anticyclotomic L-functions and theta functions with complex multiplication

Pages 767-807 by Tobias Finis

On a class of type $II_1$ factors with Betti numbers invariants

Pages 809-899 by Sorin Popa

Integrality of a ratio of Petersson norms and level-lowering congruences

Pages 901-967 by Kartik Prasanna

Classical and modular approaches to exponential Diophantine equations I. Fibonacci and Lucas perfect powers

Pages 969-1018 by Yann Bugeaud, Maurice Mignotte, Samir Siksek

Dimers and amoebae

Pages 1019-1056 by Richard Kenyon, Andrei Okounkov, Scott Sheffield

Cauchy transforms of point masses: The logarithmic derivative of polynomials

Pages 1057-1076 by J. M. Anderson, Vladimir Ya. Eiderman