Volume 158 Issue 1 – July 2003

On the $K$-theory of local fields

Pages 1-113 by Lars Hesselholt, Ib Madsen

Quasi-actions on trees I. Bounded valence

Pages 115-164 by Lee Mosher, Michah Sageev, Kevin Whyte

Groups acting properly on “bolic” spaces and the Novikov conjecture

Pages 165-206 by Gennadi Kasparov, Georges Skandalis

A proof of Kirillov’s conjecture

Pages 207-252 by Ehud Moshe Baruch

Sum rules for Jacobi matrices and their applications to spectral theory

Pages 253-321 by Rowan Killip, Barry Simon

Global existence and convergence for a higher order flow in conformal geometry

Pages 323-343 by Simon Brendle

Fundamental groups of manifolds with positive isotropic curvature

Pages 345-354 by Ailana M. Fraser