Fourier frames


We solve the problem of Duffin and Schaeffer (1952) of characterizing those sequences of real frequencies with generate Fourier frames. Equivalently, we characterize the sampling sequences for the Paley-Wiener space. The key step is to connect the problem with de Branges’ theory of Hilbert spaces of entire functions. We show that our description of sampling sequences permits us to obtain a classical inequality of H. Landau as a consequence of Pavlov’s description of Riesz bases of complex exponentials and the John-Nirenberg theorem. Finally, we discuss how to transform our description into a working condition by relating it to an approximatino problem for subharmonic functions. By this approach, we determine the critical growth rate of a nondecreasing function $\psi$ such that the sequence $\{\lambda_k\}_{k\in\mathbb{Z}}$ defined by $\psi_k+\lambda(k)=k$ is sampling.


Joaquim Ortega-Cerdà

Kristian Seip