Volume 154 Issue 1 – July 2001

Extension of embeddings in the computable enumerable degrees

Pages 1-43 by Theodore A. Slaman, Robert I. Soare

Stable intersections of regular Cantor sets with large Hausdorff dimensions

Pages 45-96 by Carloa Gustavo T. de A. Moreira, Jean-Christophe Yoccoz

Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand sequences

Pages 97-113 by Andreas Ćap, Jan Slovák, Vladimír Souček

A counterexample to the isomorphism problem for integral group rings

Pages 115-138 by Martin Hertweck

On the zero-in-the-spectrum conjecture

Pages 139-154 by Michael Farber, Shmuel Weinberger

Hölder continuity of the integrated density of states for quasi-periodic Schrödinger equations and averages of shifts of subharmonic functions

Pages 155-203 by Michael Goldstein, Wilhelm Schlag

Divergence groups have the Bowen property

Pages 205-217 by Christopher J. Bishop

Holomorphic disks and the Chord Conjecture

Pages 219-222 by Klaus Mohnke

Erratum: A relative index on the space of embeddable CR-structures, I

Pages 223-226 by Charles L. Epstein