Volume 160 Issue 3 – November 2004

Extension properties of meromorphic mappings with values in non-Kähler complex manifolds

Pages 795-837 by Sergey Ivashkovich | From volume 160-3

Positive extensions, Fejér-Riesz factorization and autoregressive filters in two variables

Pages 839-906 by Jeffrey S. Geronimo, Hugo J. Woerdeman | From volume 160-3

Reduction of the singularities of codimension one singular foliations in dimension three

Pages 907-1011 by Felipe Cano | From volume 160-3

Laminations mesurées de plissage des variétés hyperboliques de dimension 3

Pages 1013-1055 by Francis Bonahon, Jean-Pierre Otal | From volume 160-3

Quiver varieties and $t$-analogs of $q$-characters of quantum affine algebras

Pages 1057-1097 by Hiraku Nakajima | From volume 160-3

Bertini theorems over finite fields

Pages 1099-1127 by Bjorn Poonen | From volume 160-3

The McKay conjecture and Galois automorphisms

Pages 1129-1140 by Gabriel Navarro | From volume 160-3

Isomonodromy transformations of linear systems of difference equations

Pages 1141-1182 by Alexei Borodin | From volume 160-3

Boundary behavior for groups of subexponential growth

Pages 1183-1210 by Anna Erschler | From volume 160-3

Addendum to “Semistable sheaves in positive characteristic”

Pages 1211-1213 by Adrian Langer | From volume 160-3