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README for verification

Here are the directories containing the computer programs and their associated data as referred to in our paper.

1) The program verify is referred to in the first paragraph of the proof of Proposition 1.28. Much of Section 5 concerns verify. Especially Construction 5.3 and Remark 5.5. In particular, in Remark 5.5 a typical UNIX command line for running verify on part of the data set is given.

2) The program corona is referred to in the last paragraph of the proof of Proposition 2.8. See also Remark 2.9ii. The program corona was constructed to be a mild modification of the program verify. In particular, running corona should require only minor changes from running verify.

3) The program quasi-relator is implicitly referred to in the last paragraph of the proof of Proposition 1.28 (certain words are claimed to be quasi-relators in the statement of Proposition 1.28; see Definition 1.27 for the definition of quasi-relator).


1) The term "AffApprox" (affine approximation) is used in the paper, but in the programs "ACJ" (approximate complex 1-jet) is used.

2) Makefiles are provided, but these are specific to the computers and compilers we used. If you plan to use the makefiles, some changes will probably need to be made. Further, the software was written in CWEB, a language which combines C and TeX. We suggest that you install the software which can be found at and then simply try the Makefile as is; perhaps no changes will need to be made.

3) For easier download a zip archive is provided for each of the 3 directories here present (corona, quasi-relator and verify).