Issues from 2016

On the nonexistence of elements of Kervaire invariant one

Pages 1-262 by M. A. Hill, M. J. Hopkins, D. C. Ravenel | From volume 184-1

Hasse principles for higher-dimensional fields

Pages 1-71 by Uwe Jannsen | From volume 183-1

Defining ${\mathbb Z}$ in ${\mathbb Q}$

Pages 73-93 by Jochen Koenigsmann | From volume 183-1

Kähler–Einstein metrics with edge singularities

Pages 95-176 by Thalia Jeffres, Rafe Mazzeo, Yanir A. Rubinstein | From volume 183-1

Functoriality, Smith theory, and the Brauer homomorphism

Pages 177-228 by David Treumann, Akshay Venkatesh | From volume 183-1

On the fibration method for zero-cycles and rational points

Pages 229-295 by Yonatan Harpaz, Olivier Wittenberg | From volume 183-1

A two-dimensional polynomial mapping with a wandering Fatou component

Pages 263-313 by Matthieu Astorg, Xavier Buff, Romain Dujardin, Han Peters, Jasmin Raissy | From volume 184-1

Indecomposable vector bundles and stable Higgs bundles over smooth projective curves

Pages 297-362 by Olivier Schiffmann | From volume 183-1

On the number of generators of ideals in polynomial rings

Pages 315-331 by Jean Fasel | From volume 184-1

Extremal results for random discrete structures

Pages 333-365 by Mathias Schacht | From volume 184-2

Complex varieties with infinite Chow groups modulo 2

Pages 363-375 by Burt Totaro | From volume 183-1

Combinatorial theorems in sparse random sets

Pages 367-454 by D. Conlon, W. T. Gowers | From volume 184-2

Global solutions of the Euler–Maxwell two-fluid system in 3D

Pages 377-498 by Yan Guo, Alexandru D. Ionescu, Benoit Pausader | From volume 183-2

Imaginary geometry III: reversibility of $\mathrm{SLE}_\kappa$ for $\kappa \in (4,8)$

Pages 455-486 by Jason Miller, Scott Sheffield | From volume 184-2

Birational boundedness for holomorphic symplectic varieties, Zarhin’s trick for $K3$ surfaces, and the Tate conjecture

Pages 487-526 by François Charles | From volume 184-2

Regularity of area minimizing currents II: center manifold

Pages 499-575 by Camillo De Lellis, Emanuele Spadaro | From volume 183-2

An integrable deformation of an ellipse of small eccentricity is an ellipse

Pages 527-558 by Artur Avila, Jacopo De Simoi, Vadim Kaloshin | From volume 184-2

Rigid inner forms of real and $p$-adic groups

Pages 559-632 by Tasho Kaletha | From volume 184-2

Regularity of area minimizing currents III: blow-up

Pages 577-617 by Camillo De Lellis, Emanuele Spadaro | From volume 183-2

Perverse sheaves over real hyperplane arrangements

Pages 619-679 by Mikhail Kapranov, Vadim Schechtman | From volume 183-2

Proof of the main conjecture in Vinogradov’s Mean Value Theorem for degrees higher than three

Pages 633-682 by Jean Bourgain, Ciprian Demeter, Larry Guth | From volume 184-2

Splitting mixed Hodge structures over affine invariant manifolds

Pages 681-713 by Simion Filip | From volume 183-2

The clique density theorem

Pages 683-707 by Christian Reiher | From volume 184-3

$p$-torsion monodromy representations of elliptic curves over geometric function fields

Pages 709-744 by Benjamin Bakker, Jacob Tsimerman | From volume 184-3

Embedded self-similar shrinkers of genus $0$

Pages 715-728 by Simon Brendle | From volume 183-2

Homological stability for Hurwitz spaces and the Cohen-Lenstra conjecture over function fields

Pages 729-786 by Jordan S. Ellenberg, Akshay Venkatesh, Craig Westerland | From volume 183-3

On the phase transition in random simplicial complexes

Pages 745-773 by Nathan Linial, Yuval Peled | From volume 184-3

Gromov-Hausdorff limits of Kähler manifolds and the finite generation conjecture

Pages 775-815 by Gang Liu | From volume 184-3

Decay for solutions of the wave equation on Kerr exterior spacetimes III: The full subextremalcase $|a| < M$

Pages 787-913 by Mihalis Dafermos, Igor Rodnianski, Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman | From volume 183-3

Anabelian geometry with étale homotopy types

Pages 817-868 by Alexander Schmidt, Jakob Stix | From volume 184-3

Characters of odd degree

Pages 869-908 by Gunter Malle, Britta Späth | From volume 184-3

Finite time singularity for the modified SQG patch equation

Pages 909-948 by Alexander Kiselev, Lenya Ryzhik, Yao Yao, Andrej Zlato{š} | From volume 184-3

Large gaps between primes

Pages 915-933 by James Maynard | From volume 183-3

Large gaps between consecutive prime numbers

Pages 935-974 by Kevin Ford, Ben Green, Sergei Konyagin, Terence Tao | From volume 183-3

Geometric invariants for real quadratic fields

Pages 949-990 by W. Duke, Ö. Imamoḡlu, Á. Tóth | From volume 184-3

Classicité de formes modulaires surconvergentes

Pages 975-1014 by Stéphane Bijakowski, Vincent Pilloni, Benoît Stroh | From volume 183-3

Discrete Riesz transforms and sharp metric $X_p$ inequalities

Pages 991-1016 by Assaf Naor | From volume 184-3

Multiplicative functions in short intervals

Pages 1015-1056 by Kaisa Matomäki, Maksym Radziwiłł | From volume 183-3

On the structure of ${\mathscr A}$-free measures and applications

Pages 1017-1039 by Guido De Philippis, Filip Rindler | From volume 184-3

Editors’ Note on “The symplectic sum formula for Gromov-Witten invariants”

Pages 1041-1041 by Editors of the Annals of Mathematics | From volume 184-3

Errata of “Isoparametric hypersurfaces with $(g,m)=(6,2)$”

Pages 1057-1071 by Reiko Miyaoka | From volume 183-3